Cover for waste container/ granules container (Art. Nr. 033)

The waste containers on rolls used as pellet daily tanks with a volume of 120 or 240 Liters
are widely-used in the plastic moulding industry.
An easy way of bringing the pellets directly to the moulding machine.

The openings for the lance are usually cut by hand either in the plastic cover or in the body.
However this openings do not protect the pellets reliably from contamintaion.
Due to this reason we developed a professional cover (article No.:033)
It guarantees perfect pellet protection and is suitable for up to 2 suction lances

A big inspection window enables easy monitoring of the tank contents and an additional big opening makes the refilling of pellets easy.

The advantages of the new daily tank cover smart-TEX are:

  • optimal pellets protection
  • suitable for up to two suction lances
  • A large aperture makes refilling super easy
  • 2 sizes available (120 Liter and 240 Liter) (suitable for all kinds of suction lances)
  • easy to handle
  • large inspection windows for easy monitoring
  • variable dimension and position of hole
  • perfect fit because of adjustable and fixable 8mm rubber strap
  • supporting loop for perfect handling
  • made out of tear-resistant, robust and waterproof textile
  • high quality workmanshhip
  • high grade zip with locking mechanism and 4 zippers
  • Made in Germany
  • different variations available (see below)

Variants Cover 033

  • 033-1 cover for wheelie bins (120 liter)

  • 033-2 cover for wheelie bins (240 liter)